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Parachute Play

Party Pals! Kids love playing with our parachute and we are dedicated to promoting this fun, healthy activity! By "parachuting", children will increase their strength, agility, coordination, and endurance. Most importantly, playing with the parachute is a blast! During a Party Pals! Party, this fun-filled activity is sure to be accompanied by gigantic smiles, excitement and laughter, cheering and joy! If you are interested in Party Pals! incorporating parachute games and activities into your special event, please contact us.Children CirlceAt Party Pals! we aim to make the impossible happen ... but always strive to find creative solutions to make any party unforgettable!


Obstacle Course [top]

On your mark, get set, go! ... Party Pals! children love the thrill and challenge of our obstacle course! Hopping, crawling, jumping, hop-scotching…the list and the fun goes on and on! Each Party Pals! obstacle course is age-appropriate and designed to entice the children to navigate their way through this exciting activity!

Children lined up

Our obstacle courses can be easily set up on your lawn, in your house or at a local park.



Relay Races [top]

A healthy competition coupled with super fun equals the Party Pals! Relay Race agenda! Your party go-ers will race their way to the finish line hopping in potato sacks, dribbling soccer balls, or participating in a variety of timed, sports-related races!

Birthday CakeHow about a tug-of-war? Or a hula hoop contest? Contact us so we can discuss which relay race activities would be the perfect fit for your special party!


Marching Band [top]

Tambourines, maracas, cymbols, tone blocks, stick and triangles, and American flags… Party Pals! will line up the children, blast the patriotic music and off we go!


You are sure to get amazing pictures of our special marching band in action! Flags are waving, music is cranking,  instruments abound and smiles galore will touch you as we proudly perform our special parade!


Bubble Bash [top]

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! Watch the children as they navigate their way through a sea of bubbles...to fun-filled music! Their giggles of delight will warm your heart! Whether they paddle the bubbles with a lightweight Party Pals paddle or pop them with their hands, Bubble Bash is always a crowd favorite!

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere

Singing & Dancing [top]

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing and dancing along with the children and the Party Pals Team! How can you resist the fun? Crazy Freeze Dance…The Hokey Pokey…Ribbon Wand Dancing to  entertaining, lively music…the list goes on! And the best part about it? We will cater the music selection to please the Star of the Show… your Birthday Super Star!


Face Painting [top]

Bright colors, sparkly glitter dust, pictures galore! Party Pals children love wrapping up our parties with face painting fun!


We come equipped with mirrors so everyone can admire themselves! Is your little one hesitant to have his or her face painted? No problem! Party Pals understands! We will paint their hands or arms instead!

Paint Colors

Caroline paintingWoof Woof


Piñata Magic [top]

Nothing beats the fun of a piñata! Let Party Pals bring a jam-packed, treat-filled piñata to your event! The children will love pulling the magic ribbons while awaiting a shower of yummy goodies!

Hello there ....

Party Pals parents love knowing that the piñata treats can go right into the children’s goodie bags! That’s one less thing they have to worry about! Now that’s a great plan!

Party Pals! Parent Testimonials 


Fun fun fun ....


Treasure Box [top]

Imagine the joy on the faces of each of the children as they dig their way through a bejeweled treasure box filled with toys and presents for each party guest! Party Pals parents love the addition of the Treasure Box treat for the party guests’ goodie bags!

Cartoon Balloons and Gifts


Party Favors [top]

Everyone loves special treats…especially children! Party Pals knows exactly what they love! At your event, each child will receive super, cool stickers to wear as well as a beautiful friendship bracelet! The party kids will be wowed with the fun, the thrill and the selection!

Kids jumping

Puppets [top]

Party Pals has a special friend who loves to make an appearance at our parties! Especially if there is singing involved! Mr. Silly, our Party Pals Monkey Puppet, loves joining in on the fun! His favorite songs during sing-a-longs?...Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Old Mac Donald Had a Farm! The party children can’t get enough of Mr. Silly and by the end of the sing-a-long, Mr. Silly is showered with hugs and love!

Parachute Play Cartoon

At Party Pals! we aim to make the impossible happen most of the time, but also strive to find creative solutions to make any party unforgettable.

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