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"Laura and Party Pals made my kids' birthday party a fun experience for everyone. We were quite impressed with the service and very happy to support a family-run business" - Moises

"Laura and her children made my daughter's 2nd birthday bash the most entertaining ever!! All of the kids absolutely loved the fun filled activities! Thanks for putting a smile on the little ones !!!" - Nishidh

Bubbles !!!
"From my first conversation with Laura, I felt confident and comfortable that I was making the right choice for my son's 1st birthday party! Laura and her beautiful kids lived up to my expectations! They kept the kids engaged and entertained. Several other parents were impressed with her services and requested her contact information. I cannot thank Party Pals enough for making this milestone a memorable one!" - Sherry

"For my daughter's seventh birthday, we invited seven of my daughter's girl friends and ideally, I wanted to hire a party planner to engage the guests in games and activities. I read a small ad in a Washington Parent magazine for Party Pals, a family business. When I spoke with Laura, the owner, I liked her immediately. She was professional, engaging, enthusiastic, and by the end of our phone call, I was very excited about my daughter's party.
My only concern was that I needed to have the party indoors--an average size townhouse--as we live near the woods and constantly have deer in our small backyard. Laura reassured me that my space would not be a problem--and she was absolutely correct.
Laura stayed in touch via email, called me the night before the party for any last-minute requests and she also called me the day of the party to inform me that she and her staff were en route.
On the day of the party, Laura and her team -- two of her teenage daughters -- arrived on time and immediately set up for the party.  They were so pleasant to my entire family and they engaged my shy daughter, which I truly appreciated. When the guests arrived, I simply had to lead the guests to the party room. Laura and her team warmly greeted each guest. In fact, their level of enthusiasm and warmth was maintained throughout the party. I was so impressed with the age-appropriate activities and every guest was smiling and participating--even the shy friends. I enjoyed watching the party so much, I almost forgot to serve my daughter's birthday cake!

I intend to hire Party Pals again next year!" - Kimberly

Rock on!
"Party Pals is the best money I have ever spent in a birthday party. From my first contact with Laura, a former teacher, I knew we were in good hands. We talked on the phone and she described in detail the entertainment that would be provided for my 3 year old daughter's party. And the party went exactly as she described! Laura and her team arrived and set up the party within just 20 minutes, with my daughter looking excitedly on. They came dressed professionally, fun colors and looked great. They team is so well equipped and required not a single thing from me. We had the choice if doing the party either indoors or outdoors, they are so flexible and it would have been great either way. Laura and her team keep the kids so engaged and under control the entire time, the kids don't want to miss a single minute!! The pace of the party was tailored to the kids' attention span, so that when one activity was ending, the next was already set up and ready to go. The best part was that I could just look on and enjoy seeing the kids play and have so much fun, while seeing to the parents, preparing the food and cake, taking pictures.
I have to say this was the perfect party, just pure fun for the kids, very entertaining while not too over the top. My other option was to get a moonbounce. I am so glad I did this instead! The kids would have jumped for awhile, then would have been bored. Almost every parent asked me how I had found Party Pals and asked for the contact information, which is the ultimate compliment!
No matter what your child age, the party will be tailored for that group, as it was for my daughter. Her party could not have turned out any more perfect, I'm so thankful to Laura and Party Pals for making it a day we will always remember!!" -

"Laura and her team were fabulous! From the moment I spoke to Laura on the phone I could tell she was very warm and passionate about what she does, which instantly made me want to book her and her team for my daughter 1st bday. The kids had a blast with the activities Laura and her team planned. Laura and her team were energetic and enthusiastic and made the whole experience fun for the kids. I would highly recommend Party pals, they are awesome... Thank you for making my daughters 1st birthday a great experience and memory for her!!" - Farhana

"We had a Blue and Gold event in March. Laura and her team came and played all kinds of games with the boys and their siblings. I think the favorite was with the parachute! Laura was wonderful with the kids, and made the whole process easy and very fun. Thanks Laura!" - Ken and Alison

"We had Laura and the rest of the Party Pals help us celebrate Tommy's 6th birthday in May.  They were absolutely wonderful!  The weather didn't cooperate and rain started falling down an hour before the party started - so in no time, Laura and the kids changed gears, moved all furniture in the basement and set up a great play area for the little kids.  They kept 15-20 kids entertained indoors for an hour and a half, even giving them face paintings to take home to their parents.  And while I was chatting with the parents and feeding the kids cake, Party Pals put everything back together and the basement looked like there never was a party with dozens of kids.  The furniture was back together, everyone was super happy!  Thank you Party Pals for one of the best parties ever!" - Asya


Good Old Fasioned Fun

Watch the children squeal with laughter and delight as they enjoy the parachute play, obstacle course, bubble machine, enchanted ribbon fun, Mr. Silly, our Party Pals monkey puppet, sing-a-long songs and dance time, relay races, the Limbo, Face Painting and more! As always, this package includes a treat-filled magic piñata, friendship bracelets, stickers/tattoos and a present from our Party Pals Treasure Box! Wow!!! At Party Pals! we aim to make your event so amazing, it will be the talk of your family and friends for years to come! It would also be our pleasure to make your special day as effortless for you as possible! Rest assured you will be in good hands with the Party Pals Team! We know how important your event is and we care! We are honored to partake in the special memories you and yours will make!

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Spa Day

Our Party Pals Spa comes to you! We begin this well-deserved day of relaxation with meditation, relaxation and yoga poses! We bring the mats so each of your little darlings has their own space to chillax! Next is the Main Event! Pamper-time! Each child receives a manicure starting with a warm, cozy hand soak, a gentle scrub and an oh-so-good lotion massage! Next comes the nail polish. After the various Mani layers dry, the decorations abound! Flowers, rainbows, dots and swirls, gemstones and glitz…the list goes on! The beautification process wraps up with Hollywood inspired jewelry tattoos…rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces! What more can a girl ask for? Oh, well…how about swinging and swaying with our enchanted ribbons to our Party Pals sound system? We always make time for fun dancing and the limbo! 
As always, this package includes face painting, a treat-filled magic piñata, friendship bracelets, stickers/tattoos and a present from our Party Pals Treasure Box!

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Mini Olympics

Sports, sports and more sports! Your talented athletes will have a blast during our Mini-Olympics Party! We cater the activities and games to your Birthday Super Star’s favorites! Soccer? Football? Basketball? Relay Races? Any or all of these sports games will make this a jam-packed, fun-filled occasion! Not only will your guests partake in non-stop action, we will begin your event with an Olympic Ceremony complete with the presentation of the medals at the end! As always, this package includes face painting, a treat-filled magic piñata, friendship bracelets, tattoos and a present from our Party Pals Treasure Box!

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Dance Party

Let our Party Pals DJ Team pump up the volume at your child’s special party! We can take your party kids back in time to the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and wrap up with fun-filled, appropriate music of today! Or we can stick with only songs of today! Either way, your little dancing machine can submit a playlist and then we will oblige! Our super cool sound system and sparkly disco ball lights will turn your event into a dance-a-palooza! Added to the fun…tubs of glitzy, sparkly, outrageous accessories for the party guests to don! It’s dancing, dancing and more dancing! Now that’s a party! As always, this package includes face painting, a treat-filled magic piñata, friendship bracelets, stickers/tattoos and a present from our Party Pals Treasure Box.

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Glitz and Glam

The Party Pals’ Red Carpet Team will come to you, equipped with salon supplies, face paints and glitz and glitter to complete the preparation for the big Red Carpet Event! Each of your gorgeous celebrities will have a chance to walk down an actual red carpet, glitzed and glammed to perfection! It’s the perfect time for a photo op….the perfect party gift from Party Pals! Each child gets to take home a Polaroid shot of themselves on the red carpet! When the photo shoot is complete, it’s time to dance the day away with the Party Pals DJ! Wow! It’s a big job being a famous A-lister! As always, this package includes a treat-filled magic piñata, friendship bracelets, stickers/tattoos and a present from our Party Pals Treasure Box!

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Military Boot Camp

Looking for a perfect party for your special soldier? Party Pals Military Boot Camp is the answer! We will set the battle plan in action ... Dress code: Uniforms not required but a white t-shirt would be requested. Please be prepared to run basic training drills and to get dirty! The recruits will line up to have camo face paint applied and the training will begin! "Drill Sergeant Says," "Obstacle Course," "Airborne Mission," "Tunnel Q-Course, etc." Upon successful completion each recruit will receive dog tags and a camo friendship bracelet. Military Caps or Boonie Hats make for a fantastic photo op! Each recruit will also receive a "Basic Training Completion Certificate." As always, our packages include friendship bracelets, face paining, a pinata packed with treats and a present from the Party Pals Treasure Box!

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Princess Spa Craft Extravaganza!

Every Princess loves Party Pals Pampering! Our Princess Spa Craft Extravaganza package is perfect for the craftiest of our Spa Beauties! Watch your party guests light up with thrill and joy as they make their very own lip gloss, body scrub and fancy body lotion! The glitz...the glam of it all! Your little darlings will be delighted! As always, this package includes a treat-filled pinata, Hollywood famous Jewelry Tattoos, Princess Make-up and a present from the Party Pals Treasure Box!

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Birthday Parties

We are an indoor/outdoor children's party entertainment company with a flair for good old-fashioned fun! From the beginning of the party to the end, Party Pals! provides age-appropriate activities and treats so the children have a blast at your bash!
Parachute Play! Face Painting! Relay Races! Music and Dancing! Puppets! Treasure Box! Piñata Magic! These are just a few of the many activities your children will enjoy at a Party Pals party!  

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Corporate Events

We are an indoor/outdoor children's party entertainment company with a flair for Good Old-Fashioned Fun!  Party Pals! provides age-appropriate activities and treats so the children have a blast at your bash! Parachute Play! Obstacle Course! Dance Party!  Relay Races! Tug-0-War! Potato Sack Races! Sports Fun! Limbo!  Face Painting! Guest Appearances by Elsa and other characters!  We entertain the children at your corporate event so you don’t have to!

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Schools and Camps

It’s time for some good old-fashioned fun! Party Pals entertains with style! Parachute Play, Obstacle Course, Balloon and Bubble Fun, Limbo, Enchanted Ribbons, Relay Races, Dance Party, Singing with our special puppet friend, Mr Silly, Friendship Bracelets, Stickers and Face Painting for the campers and kids! As always, Party Pals provides age-appropriate activities to ensure your campers and kids have a blast at your event! Our good old-fashioned fun is always a hit! Running, Jumping, Singing, Dancing, Crawling, Hopping, Laughing! The fun is contagious and sure to please children of all ages!

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Fairs - Festivals

Let Party Pals wow your visitors at your Fair or Festival! We have an array of exciting, fun-filled activities that will leave your little guests asking for more! Face Painting is always a thrill for children of all ages! It's impossible for them to resist the joy of admiring their beautiful or handsome faces in one of the many mirrors Party Pals brings to our events! What about breaking it down during our Dance Party Palooza? Whether we are dancing the Hokey Pokey, the Macarena, Crazy Freeze Dance or a Party Pals specialty, Silly Shadow Dance, the crowd won't be able to resist the fun! And games with Bubbles, Balloons and Enchanted Ribbons? Those are options we would love to discuss with you so your fair or festival is as memorable as can be!

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Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Welcome, and mazal tov. For one of the most important occasions of their lives ... Why not give them, their friends and family an exciting and unforgettable celebration with some of the hottest entertainment ? Party Pals will completely coordinate to your specifications while the stress and cost of time is taken off you. As always, we will work with you to recommend and arrange the entertainment details of the party. We are a single source for the latest and greatest in Bar/Bat Mitzvah party entertainment and games.

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Pick a Pal!

Do you know a special Super Star who would love to have a FREE birthday party extravaganza thrown in his or her honor? Party Pals is accepting nominations for that Pal who deserves for us to throw him or her a bash never to be forgotten! If you would like to nominate that special someone, please send an email to Laura at laurakpartypals@gmail.com. Thank you for spreading the love! :) With fun and laughter,
Laura and the Party Pals' Team

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